02 May 2017, Tuesday

Russian Justice Initiative is continuing its project to provide comprehensive legal aid to women from various parts of the country who are victims of domestic violence.   

Since 2009, our lawyers have represented the interests of women from the North Caucasus republics in cases related to honour killings, bride abductions, violence in the family and decisions regarding custody of children.

The project provides a lawyer free of charge to victims of violence in the home, rape, sexual harassment, human trafficking, and gender-based discrimination, living in different Russian regions and who express the desire to defend their rights.

We will pay for the legal specialists’ work using the project funds. If you are already working with lawyers in your region and are happy with the results of their work, we would be happy to continue this cooperation with them. 

Psychological help will also be offered depending on the victims’ needs and the nature of their cases.

Our lawyers defend violated rights at all stages of proceedings in the law enforcement agencies, national courts and other bodies and, if necessary, at the international level.

We stress the fact that we see it as our priority to provide free legal aid to victims living in small Russian towns and villages, including in the North Caucasus regions, where there is practically no access to legal and psychological aid.

Please contact us if you have questions or proposals. We would be happy to discuss possibilities and prospects for work together.

Let’s help the victims to defend their rights.

Contact details: Yulia Antonova, lawyer and project coordinator

e-mail: antonova@srji.org

skype: jullaa75

WhatsApp or Viber: +7 915 170 37 87 Give a brief account of the case’s circumstances and the contact details of the lawyers (if you have lawyers) with whom you are working

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