Investigative Committee opens case into torture of Ayub Tuntuyev at Vladimir Region Prison Colony 6

Tuntuyev states that prison staff at Prison Colony 6 beat him and tortured him with electric shocks on May 26-27, 2015, in order to obtain confessions and force him to refuse his lawyer’s assistance. Later, at the prison colony’s medical unit, personnel ...
Modified: 05/09/2016
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The ECHR will examine Ayub Tuntuyev’s application under priority policy

Tuntuyev, in his most recent statement of May 20, 2016, said that he was taken from his cell and taken to be interrogated by an FSB officer who had already threatened him earlier when he was in Prison Colony 6. The FSB officer asked him who acted on his ...
Modified: 07/06/2016
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A statement on urgent measures taken in response to threats to the life of Ayub Tuntuyev has been sent to the ECHR

On May 28, 2016, Ayub Tuntuyev was transferred to an unknown destination, probably in Pyatigorsk (Stavropol Territory Department of the Federal Corrections Service Remand Prison No 2), to the location where investigations were taking place into the crimes that he confessed ...
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Applicant to the ECHR Ayub Tuntuyev alleges new beating in prison colony

Now, news has emerged of another incidence of beating. On May 17, at 10am, two men entered Tuntuyev’s cell and put a blindfold on him. “One of them dealt me 4-5 blows to the kidneys”, Tuntuyev told lawyers. “Then one of the two said, ‘Others will come to see you today and you will sign everything they give you to sign’. They also ...
Modified: 26/05/2016
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The ECHR will examine Ayub Tuntuyev’s complaint about evidence obtained under torture

On May 18, 2016, Russian Justice Initiative sent to the ECHR an application defending the rights of convicted person Ayub Tuntuyev, who was forced to sign a confession to new crimes under torture. The authorities prevented lawyers from seeing Tuntuyev and the statement about torture was not properly investigated. While held in Prison Colony 6 in the village of Melikhovo,...
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