The ECHR ordered 1,129,000 euros in compensation paid to the relatives of individuals who disappeared during special operations in Mesker-Yurt

The special operation began in the village of Mesker Yurt on May 21, 2002. Troops arrived by helicopter and were later joined by units that had conducted a special operation in the village of Avtury. From this date, all residents of Mesker Yurt were unable to leave the village and were blockaded there until June 11, 2002. Human rights activists and journalists who were in the village say that more than 30 people were killed or disappeared. Human rights activists’ information shows that at least...
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RJI replies to Russian Government’s claims concerning execution of European Court judgments on the North Caucasus

... European Court’s Aslakhanova judgment, and that certain information presented by the Government was unclear or misleading. In particular, RJI requested the Government to clarify information presented concerning the number of genotypes created of missing persons in the North Caucasus, and dismissed as misleading the Government’s claim to have identified over 60 bodies in the context of the execution of judgments from the North Caucasus. Read the full text of RJI’s reply here .
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